Curved Staircases

The art of building curved stairs cannot be learned overnight. We are one of very few staircase companies in England to still manufacture curved staircases using traditional methods including continuous string and wreathed hand rails. Our speciality is manufacturing custom built curved staircases and our reputation for fine detail is second to none.

Curved staircases come in a variety forms. They are not uniform, not any specific shape. Curved stairs have the major advantage in that you can twist and turn and curve them to fit any configuration of a room. Whereas straight stairs, spirals, and the other types generally fit into a specific area, curved stairs can conform to whatever space you need.

We believe a curved staircase must be beautiful and functional and that the materials used must be of the highest quality. The curved staircase design challenges the designer and stair builder on different levels and takes commitment from both parties. The end result is a stunning staircase and a showpiece to any entrance hall whether the design is traditional or contemporary.