Casement Windows

At SJC Joinery we offer a whole range of casement window styles, including standard flush casement and stormproof. These can be incorporated into a vast range of window styles including opening casement, bay windows, arched windows, circular windows and swept sash windows – just to name a few. There are also multiple opening options with the opening casements being either side hung, top hung, bottom hung, fixed or direct glazed.



Flush casement windows unite traditional appearance with modern engineering. The casements are inset flush with the frame hence their name. They are a popular choice for conservation projects and listed buildings as they offer high performance and durability without compromising on the traditional aesthetics. Traditionally manufactured for period properties, flush casements are also increasingly being used in contemporary projects due to their clean sight lines and elegant finish. Large expanses of glass without glazing bars are very fashionable with new build and modern properties, fusing traditional craftsmanship with innovative design.

All flush casement windows are made to measure to your individual design. We can incorporate mullions & transoms, multiple panes, different opening methods, single or double glazing and bespoke glazing bar profiles – countless options are available.



Stormproof windows were introduced in the 1950’s and have been widely used in modern day buildings since that period, particularly in areas exposed to the weather. Their high performance design features outward opening draught sealed casements, which are rebated to stand proud of the face of the window frame to provide enhanced protection from the elements.